Papini Stampi has high technology machinery and subject to constant renewal. Specifically, we use the following machines for the different stages of machining::


Milling is a machining of material by removal. At this stage, the milling machine allows you to obtain a wide range of surfaces, such as planks, drillings, grooves.
The milling machines we use are: Mikron, Mazak, Bridgeport, Deckel Maho.


Grinding is the procedure to give any component the shape state or optimal surface of the project. To do this, a grinding machine is used, which has as a tool a fine grain grinding wheel and very hard.
Grinding machines we use are: Moore, J.Shipman, Delta.


This stage of machining allows the metal to be eroded by using electric discharges in succession. This process is used for example to produce blind holes or narrow slits for mechanical components. EDM machines we use are: Mitsubishi, Sodick, Ona.


At this stage, we verify the correspondence between the design part and the end result.
Test machines we use are: Bihler, Presse S.Giacomo.


After the completion and testing phase, all our operations are subjected to strict controls to ensure the satisfaction of our high quality standards. The quality control machines we use are: Mauser, Mitutoyo, Zeiss.