Thanks to the advanced applications and the high technology machinery Papini Stampi can count on, we guarantee high quality workmanship, which we follow with care and meticulousness from the design phase, which constantly updated staff takes care of.

Papini Stampi makes use of NX Bihler 3D CAD software for designing each machining: this highly advanced CAD system allows you to control video equipment simulating all machine movements as in reality and calculating with extreme precision the efforts of trimming and bending. This is fundamental as it reduces the possibility of error and allows optimization of the equipment to ensure the highest production speed and the best use of the Bihler machine.

Papini Stampi is perfectly able to develop the whole project from the 2D-3D design of the detail, addressing the work according to the needs of each individual customer. Our work is provided with all the construction, assembly and every detail in 2D-3D-paper format, complete with all the information necessary for their easy and effective management.